Catch the Ace winner Audrey Sedley stands at the fish hatchery with her $5252 cheque. /Photo submitted by Kristyn Begbie

Catch the Ace winner gets big birthday present this year

By Angelica Ingram

Published July 24 2018

Audrey Sedley celebrated her birthday yesterday however the big celebration came weeks ago.

Sedley has been supporting the Haliburton Highlands Outdoors Association’s Catch the Ace lottery since it started always buying a ticket and choosing number 23.

The number is in honour of her birthday July 23.

Earlier this month Sedley caught the ace and won a $5252 jackpot.

Sedley donated some of her prize winning’s back to the HHOA.

“She’s a very generous lady” said HHOA vice-president of marketing and education Rusty Rustenburg. “I told her she can have a big cake this year for her birthday.”

The HHOA which is committed to stocking area lakes with fish and educational programming has already begun their next lottery fundraiser said Rustenburg.