This year’s recipient of the Pioneer Citizen Award Nancy Nancy Brink earned the citizen of the year award at West Guilford’s Canada Day celebrations on Wednesday July 1 at the West Guilford Community Centre. DARREN LUM Staff

Brink named Citizen of the Year

This year’s recipient of the Pioneer Citizen Award Nancy Brink was like a typical hero: appreciative but quick to share credit.

“I don’t deserve all recognition I got. People helped too” she said at the special ceremony on Canada Day in West Guilford.

The thanks she appreciates the most is when it comes directly from those she has helped.

“One time when I was delivering food to a family that just gave me the thank you I needed. They had five little children and one little boy came running up to me and said ‘Oh Nancy. We needed bread so bad.

We didn’t have bread. Thank you so much.’ That was all the thank you I needed” she said. “So thank you.”

Brink a West Guilford Baptist Church member ensured local families had enough to eat by collecting discarded produce from local stores. There were 10 local families that were beneficiaries of her weekly deliveries.

Speaking in a weakened voice a result of her first bout of cancer treatment she said there wasn’t a day that went by without flowers during a recent three month stay in a hospital.

“Being a flower person that meant a lot. But this certificate I don’t really deserve this. There are so many other people that do as much as I did and that’s what we’re on this earth for is to help one another to love one another and to do unto those what you want done to you. Thank you so much” she said.

West Guilford Community Centre’s Carol Stamp initially introduced Brink listing off a few of her good deeds and efforts to help and add to the community.

“I’m quite sure this speech will not cover all the good deeds she has performed since moving to

Haliburton but I know you will all understand why she was chosen this year for this award” she said.

For years when she ran her flower store Brink donated the corsages and the boutineers for the oldest woman and man at the West Guilford Canada Day event. She also prepared the corsages for the ladies attending the annual New Years Dance at the West Guilford Community Centre.

Although most people know about Brink’s small business she ran for years it’s her assistance to those most in need that received little attention.

“What most people do not know about Nancy is her dedication to the people most in need in her community” she said.

This included a man she took in and helped get a job at a local camp.

She was also a member of the Secret Sister Club and was instrumental to youth baseball organizing T-ball. Stamp said Brink is a prolific canvasser for the West Guilford Community Centre.

“For the last few years she has been our No.1 fundraiser and sold more tickets than all of put together” she said.

As a result many of the centre’s upgrades were possible because of Brink.

SIRCH hospice care has also been a benefactor of Brinks “hard work and dedication.”

She has been the top fundraiser for 10 consecutive years bringing in $30000 for hospice.

Stamp offered support for Brink’s battle with cancer.

“Nancy although your family were not able to attend today your friends and neighbours are here to let you know that we all appreciate the many years of giving to your community and giving you a award today for the many years of volunteering but we give you our best wishes for a complete recovery with your battle with cancer” she said.

Five-year-old Cole Morrison and four-year-old Alley Douglas raised the Canadian Flag.

Avery Bullock 7 won the best red and white clothed and the best decorated bike contests.

The barbecue which was donated by Walkers Home Hardware was won by Don Beer.

This year’s oldest citizen was Carl Dugan at 90 while the oldest female was Colleen Morrison 85.

Conversely the youngest were twin girls Ruby and Pyper Brown who were born on May 9 this year while the youngest boy is Hunter Shaw who was born last year July 27.

With 13 descendants Doreen Sisson had the most descendants.

The team of Dave Byrnes and Keith Albert won the horseshoe tournament that boasted 14 teams.
Pat Bain took the title for the best pie with her apple pie.

Mary Cossarin repeated as the winner of the Pine Lake swim crossing the lake in a time 32:30. This beats las year’s time by a minute.