Monika Melichar of the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary in Minden Hills holds up a certificate for Easton Burk 8 who recently made a donation of $420.70 to the charitable organization. Instead of gifts for his birthday he asked guests to put a donation in a jar. He added $50 of his own money to the donation. /Photo courtesy of Janine Burk

Boyasks for donations to sanctuary for his birthday

By Jenn Watt
Published March 13 2018

ForEaston Burk’s eighth birthday he decided that he had enough stuff.

Hedidn’t want presents he told his parents Janine and Josh Burk hewanted to help wildlife.

“Ilove animals and I already had enough stuff” said Easton.

Sohe asked that instead of gifts donations be made to the WoodlandsWildlife Sanctuary in Minden Hills.

Lastmonth the 17 guests at his birthday party put money in a jardestined to help injured and orphaned wildlife.

Thosedonations plus $50 of Easton’s own money brought the total to$420.70.

“Itmade my heart feel happy” he said.

Tomake the donation Easton and his family went to the sanctuary togive the money directly to the co-ordinator Monika Melichar.

“Shesaid happy birthday and I’m very thankful that you gave the moneyto the animal sanctuary” said Easton. “And I got to see some ofthem.”

Hesaw birds a falcon fox owl porcupine turkey vulture and possumsall being cared for by the sanctuary.

Melicharsaid she was impressed by Easton and pleased to meet him and hisfamily.

Eastonis a true animal lover and it shows with this selfless act ofkindness. All of us at the sanctuary including the wild ones thankEaston for his generosity and compassion in helping us care for ourinjured and orphaned wildlife” she said in an email to the Echo .