Bark Lake subdivision and condominium plan extension approved

By Sue Tiffin

Published Jan. 22 2019

The following are brief reports of items discussed at the Jan. 16 meeting of Highlands East council.

Highlands East council was asked to support a request by Century Lane Developments Corporation for an extension of a current draft plan approval for a subdivision and condominium plan comprised of 83 recreational lots as well as 11 condominium blocks along the southern shoreline of Bark Lake at the council meeting. The plan was initially granted draft approval by the County of Haliburton on April 28 2016.

“The owner has submitted an extension to the draft plan approval because the lapsing date for the county approval is April 29 2019 “ wrote Chris Jones municipal planner in a memo to council. “Should the draft approval lapse it would require a ‘re-do’ of the entire application process for the plan of subdivision/condominium.”

Jones’s memo said the applicant has engaged in pre-consultation discussions with both the county and municipality with respect to changes to the draft plan which could potentially be facilitated through a “red-line” change to the draft approved plan.

“However it has been acknowledged by all parties that there is not enough time to complete the red-line approval process before the April 29 expiry date.”

Jones said he recommended council support the extension. Council did so for a period no longer than three years. The extension request will now be forwarded to the County of Haliburton for final approval.

Construction dollars in 2018 surpass 2017
Construction values in Highlands East neared $15 million in 2018 being recorded at $14817000 compared to $11034753 in 2017 according to a report by chief building official Laurie Devolin.
Last year the building department issued 199 permits 39 for dwellings and 160 falling under an “other” category compared to 213 building permits issued in 2017 29 of those dwellings and 172 considered “other.” Eighty sewage system permits were issued in 2018 compared to 62 permits issued in 2017 and 34 sewage installation reports were filed in both 2018 and 2017. In December 2018 22 inspections were made for a total of 592 in the year with 29 building bylaw infractions being recorded.

Changes to building department space underway
Building department space renovations began Jan. 8 and are currently in phase one of three.
“[Phase one focuses on] the major renovation to the post office space which includes the lobby area” wrote Devolin in her update. “The post office space will become the new reception area and incorporate a conference room where staff can meet with the public. The lobby area will become the new wi-fi lounge with an accessible bathroom.”

Phase two looks at the existing building department space with a new storage cupboard and lunchroom being created new flooring and paint and existing offices modified. The beautification of the exterior of the building which includes landscaping and additional parking facilities takes place in phase three.

Fire department calls reach five-year high in 2018
Nineteen calls in December brought the total number of calls to date for the Highlands East fire department to 307 the highest number of calls in five years.
In 2017 259 calls were made; in 2016 302 calls; in 2015 280 calls were made; and there were 252 calls in 2014. Of the 307 calls made last year 12 were for property fires or explosions 29 were for unauthorized or authorized controlled burning 15 were for false calls related to fire or carbon monoxide 165 calls were for medical calls 40 for rescue calls 29 were for public hazard calls related to power lines down or carbon monoxide incidents and 15 total calls were classified under a pre-fire conditions category or an “other” category.

Highlands East arena to host Highland Storm
Jim Alden property supervisor said he’s been in touch with the Highland Storm co-ordinator to work on a schedule to accommodate the minor hockey league when needed at the Keith Tallman Memorial Arena while Minden is without their arena for the 2019/2020 ice season.
A total of 138 hours were booked for both private and league use at the Wilberforce arena from October to December in 2018 compared to 145.5 hours in 2017.
“Without a minor hockey league in the area a drop in hours of only 7.5 hours is a good indication that private rentals have increased” wrote Alden in the property and parks department report.

Bicroft landfill site inspection completed

A site inspection of the Bicroft landfill by the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks was completed Nov. 8 in 2018.
“The municipality is required to conduct an extensive litter clean-up in spring of 2019 and by April 1 2019 amend the [environmental compliance approval] to permit the collection of waste electronics at the site” reads the report by Steward Hurd environmental supervisor.

Garbutt awarded Cardiff contract
A tender from Garbutt Enterprises in the amount of $47460 for the 2019 household garbage and recycling contract was the only one received by the municipality in response to an advertisement on the Highlands East website and social media pages and in local papers. The tender was accepted.
“Garbutt has always provided excellent service” reads the analysis section of Hurd’s report to council.
Garbutt Disposal’s contract is only up slightly from 2018 when it was accepted at $47445.