Bark Lake Leadership Centre zoning permits approved

By Vanessa Balintec

The following is a brief summary of items discussed during the Aug. 13 meeting of Highlands East council.

Council has approved a rezoning of land designated for the rebuilding of the Bark Lake recreation centre that was destroyed by fire in 2016. The area will include space close to the shoreline for cottages and an adjacent parking area. Existing separate buildings including a storage building bathroom facility tuck shop and two staff accommodation buildings are included within the area but will not be subject to expansion or other building unless approved by council. Municipal planner Chris Jones  said there is more planning work to come.

“What likely will come back on the agenda for Sept. 10 would be the actual site plan agreement that will recognize the greater landscaping plan the servicing plan” said Jones. “Once that item is looked after they will then push to apply for a building permit.”

As part of the Highland Grove Community Beautification Project Highlands East council has approved the purchase and installation of a new bench at the Kidd Schoolhouse Museum with an estimated cost of $800. A local farm scene will be printed on the bench.

Highlands East has agreed to donate excess culverts to the Paudash Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club. According to the roads department report there are approximately 12 culverts that have been salvaged from Cardiff’s ditching and paving project where driveway culverts were removed and replaced. There will be a marginal loss of potential revenue from choosing to not sell the excess metal scraps. Earl Covert road superintendent wrote that the donation will help reduce maintenance costs to the club and help attract visitors to the area by providing a positive outdoor experience.