Author asks readers to take a mystical adventure

June 23 2014

Local author and psychic Casandra Hart reads from her new book Adventures of a Mystic Medium at a private book launch at a local Haliburton home on June 16 2014. The book is filled with stories about her life’s experiences as well as tips and even a quiz to test your psychic abilities.

By Jenn Watt

When the message came to her Casandra Hart didn’t know whether she should say it outloud: “Tell Mom that I don’t have to wear the purple pants anymore.”
Hart a psychic and medium was speaking to the mother of a young man Damian who had just died in a motorcycle accident.

“With my eyes closed I could not see what type of response that got” Hart writes in a new book about her adventures as a psychic.
It turned out that Damian’s mother had bought him a pair of burgundy pants which he had jokingly called “purple pants” before his death.

The family had chosen those same pants for him to be buried in.
That strange small detail had given the mother comfort and Hart says it helped verify that it was her son speaking to her.
Damian and the Purple Pants is “amazing adventure No. 15” in Hart’s book Adventures of a Mystic Medium published by Balboa Press.
Hart lives six months of the year in Haliburton and the other half of the year in Florida doing readings in person and over the phone.

This is her second book about her gift which she discovered in her 20s but didn’t actively pursue until she was in her 40s. Her first book is called The Sovereign Soul: A Story of Personal Power.
Now 66 Hart says she wants to not only share her own stories but open people’s minds to their own psychic abilities.
“Intuition is not valued by our society” she says which leads adults to train children not to listen to the messages they’re receiving.
Adventures of a Mystic Medium “delivers a one-two punch” by proving psychic abilities do exist through the 47 stories she tells and with tips and even a quiz at the back she says.
“I think the world would be a better place if it ran on intuition” Hart says.

The psychic believes each person has a destiny or guided personal script (GPS) which she can tap into during her sessions.
Hart moved to Haliburton five years ago coming here first as a tourist and later meeting her husband (a detail that was foretold to her by another psychic).

There are workplace hazards to being a medium especially in a small town.
Hart takes care of that with a few rules: no family readings total confidentiality and no repeat readings for five to seven years.
“Once I’ve done a reading it’s usually forgotten which makes it easier for me” Hart says. Sometimes people approach her about a reading she’s given and she doesn’t even remember what she’s told them.
On June 16 Hart gave a private reading to a small group of people in Haliburton.

She explained that when she gives readings she tries to provide little details that only family members would know – like the purple pants – because “anybody can say ‘grandmother is coming through and she says she loves you.’”

Almost always she says the spirits of people who have died advise the living to lighten up and enjoy life.

Adventures of a Mystic Medium is $17.99 and can be purchased on either in paper version or for the Kindle e-reader for $6.74.

Hart is also in the process of distributing the books to shops around Haliburton Village.
She can be contacted at