Longtime volunteer and former director of the 4Cs Murray Tripp left was thanked for his commitment and passion for the organization by board chairman David Ogilvie and other volunteers and directors. Tripp spent 25 years with the 4Cs and has been named an honourary director. ANGELICA INGRAM Staff

4Cs honours longtime board director and volunteer

By Angelica Ingram

Published Jan. 3 2017

Murray Tripp has been on both sides of the food bank in Haliburton.
Born and raised in Haliburton County Tripp is approaching his 85th birthday and has spent the past 25 of those years volunteering and serving on the board of directors for the 4Cs.

This fall Tripp decided to retire from the organization due to health concerns but was made an honourary director by board chairman David Ogilvie.
Born in Donald Tripp attended Eagle Lake school until Grade 4 and then decided to start making his mark on the world.
“I didn’t go far [in school] … but I had good teachers” he said.
Tripp worked for many years as a driver for different Haliburton companies and for 37 years for the government in Toronto doing building and maintenance work.
He married his wife June when he was in his early 20s and recently the pair celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary.
“She’s the best woman I ever met or ever will meet” he said. “I’ve never seen a woman that can compete with her.”
The couple have five children and times were not always easy for the family with Tripp turning to the food bank for assistance.
“I went on welfare … and I went and got a [food] voucher from the municipality. It really hurt. I said if I ever got to the position where I can help somebody I will help them.”
Looking back over the past quarter century Tripp has seen many changes at the local food bank including directors come and go and locations change.
He remembers when the idea to build a sustainable building for the 4Cs was first hatched.
Tripp has stayed involved with the local organization for all these years because of the people he sees coming through the doors.
“We have the best clientele going” he said. “If you’ve got what you’ve got and you have the ability to help those people you help them out.”
Apart from the food bank Tripp has also volunteered at Extendicare and with breakfast programs in Toronto when he worked there.
“I only do what the Lord wants me to do” he said. “He’s directed me in all my ways.”
Tripp now has 13 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren and loves his life in Haliburton.
“I’ve had a heck of a good life I love it here” he said.
Staying on with the 4Cs allows Tripp to still get his two cents in something that’s easy for him to do. Tripp says he’s been volunteering at the 4Cs alongside the best crew of people you’ll ever meet.
Board chairman of the 4Cs for the past three years Ogilvie has appreciated all of Tripp’s wisdom and dedication to the organization.
“It’s hard not to love Murray” said Ogilvie. “Just his gentle spirit.”

The chairman points to Tripp’s love of people and love of the Lord as qualities that stand out.
“Most people who have the reasons Murray’s got to not be here wouldn’t be here … that goes back to why he’s an honourary director. He doesn’t have to do stuff but he’s free to do as much as he can. For us it’s just great.”
In October the board members and volunteers showed their love for Tripp by presenting him with a frame inscribed with well wishes and messages of support and thanks.
“It’s hard not to appreciate what Murray’s done. He sets a pretty high example of what we should all be doing.”