Wynne kind to lower hydro rates for her mistakes

To the Editor

Kathleen Wynne’s government is lowering our hydro bills by extending their/our debt payments over a longer period and in the long run it is going to cost us and our children billions in extra interest payments. Maybe they or our future Government can get things restructured eventually so we will have lower hydro rates and still be able to pay off their debts from the stupid deals they have made over a period of time but I really doubt they can correct the problems they have created. Billions of dollars payed out in cancelled contracts which obviously were not thought out in the first place before the contracts were signed.

Premier Wynne’s statement a month ago made almost in tears that “she didn’t realize hydro costs were such a burden on low income people” is total nonsense as far as I am concerned. She just finally came to the realization that people weren’t going to sit by and quietly be ripped off by her government. The tears were just because she knew she had been caught like a kid with his/her hand in the cookie jar our cookie jar!

The money well is only so deep and it is starting to run dry for a lot of people. People on social assistance programs are still being hit with huge hydro bills causing them to have to depend on food banks more than ever which puts a strain on that system too. I know that running a provincial federal or a municipal government can’t be an easy task but anyone with half a brain can see the mistakes that have been made by Premier Wynne’s government and it doesn’t cost millions or billions of dollars to investigate what went wrong. We the “cash cow” that the government depends on to pay for their mistakes have had enough of giving our milk for free. If anyone like myself running their own business squandered away money or ripped people off like Wynne’s government we would be out of business in very short order. I have seasonal customers getting huge bills for “delivery” even though the hydro has been shut off through the winter months. How can Hydro One justify a delivery charge for something that not being used so not being delivered just because the hydro line is still connected to the cottage?

Doug Bates