Who is the Downtown Haliburton BIA?

By Cindy Campbell

Published June 20 2017

Since taking on the role of BIA administrator last November many people have asked me “What is the Downtown Haliburton Business Improvement Area (BIA)?” Simply answered it is a group of businesses within a physical geographic area that all contribute financially to promotions and programs that support the growth and vibrancy of the designated area.
That is the “what” but of great importance is “Who is the Downtown Haliburton BIA?” A talented and dynamic group of individuals volunteer their time to serve on the board of management and its active committees.  I firmly believe in giving credit to those who actually do the work so I’d like to introduce you to the Downtown Haliburton board of management!

The chairperson is Luke Schell from The Photo Shop. Luke has been involved on the board for quite some time. His knowledge of the area board members and past BIA initiatives steers the direction of the group. His insights and vision are invaluable to the group.
The vice chairperson is David Zilstra from The Echo . David joined the board late last fall and brings his vast knowledge of community groups and community happenings to the table. His eagerness to get involved in his community is truly commendable.
The treasurer is Sharon Rowden from Touch of Class Salon and Day Spa. Sharon very accurately keeps the financial records so that the board can keep on direction with advertising promotions and new programs. Without her diligence there would be no way to keep organized and on track.
The secretary is Brad Park from Foodland. Brad brings a wealth of experience from the large corporate food retail sector that he works in. His generosity of ideas and feedback greatly help the BIA board.
The remaining board members are: Nelly Ashworth BMO; Clay Glecoff V&S; Renzo Rosati Moose FM; Nancy Wood-Roberts Dysart et al; and Brandon Nimigon Century 21 Granite Realty Inc.

Nelly has been on the board for years and her stable leadership is greatly valued. Clay brings an enthusiasm and energy needed to organize the many promotions and events. Renzo very generously and almost single-handedly runs the Buy In And (BIA) Win Contest in December of each year. Nancy is appointed by and represents the municipality; and very effectively liaises messages on behalf of the board to reeve and council. And the newest member of the board is Brandon who was instrumental in getting the Downtown Haliburton website up and running (my thanks on this Brandon).
Many think that the BIA is only retail oriented. Thanks to the variety of business people on the board there is representation from municipal government media service professionals small retail and large retail and financial services. This scope and diversity of representation benefits every business in downtown Haliburton.
Now you know “Who is Downtown Haliburton?” All of these amazing people donate their time and expertise to make downtown Haliburton the great place that it is! Please stop by their businesses and extend your appreciation!