Murray Fearrey who speaks at the all-candidates meeting said voters were looking for change and didn't believe in his vision for progress. FILE

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To the Editor

I am hoping that this letter will help your readers make informed voting decisions on the 19th. Partisan voting – saying I’ve always voted this way – erodes democracy and could re-elect a government that is hurting our nation’s reputation as a peaceful and responsible member of the international community.
And sadly this government has cynically been using its power to corrupt its own institutions to wit the Canadian Revenue Agency. Seven out of 10 CRA Board members are Conservative donors. This has resulted in it building a privileged relationship with big business. We know that Canadian corporations sheltered close to $200 billion to tax havens last year.
Meanwhile the Canadian Revenue Agency spent $8 million auditing charities including our little Gaia Centre with its emphasis on ecology.
Unfortunately this stacking of many agencies including the CBC with their hand-picked Conservative donors makes business the winner at the expense of the individual. Our agencies’ independence from political interference would help safeguard the public interest that has now become secondary to corporate profits under the present government.
Voters have the opportunity to call a halt to this abuse of power and help Canada recover its place as a peaceable just and environmentally responsible nation.
I hope and pray we vote wisely for the sake of this Canada we love and the survival of our planet Earth.

Paul Irwin
West Guilford