Volunteer leaders

By Cindy Campbell

Published Jan. 31 2017

As we plan for our Haliburton Village BIA annual general meeting on Wednesday Feb. 1 it is so important to thank the volunteers that serve on the board of management. These volunteers truly exemplify the adage that if you want something done “ask a busy person.” They manage their own businesses and volunteer their time after hours to plan and execute events and promotions for their fellow BIA members. To witness their energy and passion for the success of all businesses is truly remarkable. These volunteers work tirelessly for the success of all BIA member businesses. To honour their time and efforts each board of management volunteer will be featured after the annual general meeting.

Why do we have an annual general meeting? The BIA is a not-for-profit organization that exists to promote the businesses within a defined geographic area. Consequently it is vitally important that all member businesses have an opportunity to provide their comments and insights and review the financial statements presented. Also during this annual general meeting the volunteer board of management is elected for the coming year.
Everyone is welcome to attend to learn more about the Haliburton Village BIA and what they do for our community. The BIA is always looking for feedback on the promotions and events that they sponsor and if you cannot make the meeting but would like to share your thoughts please email them to haliburtonbia@mail.com.
There are several upcoming Haliburton Village BIA events to let you know about. On Feb. 14 we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Please be sure to book your restaurant reservations well in advance. The Haliburton Village BIA provides Super Shopper advice to anyone wondering what to get their special loved one … just reach out via email haliburtonbia@mail.com and a Super Shopper will contact you to help you find the perfect gift.

And before we have a chance to chat again we will celebrate the Frost Festival on the Family Day weekend in February. Please mark Feb. 18 on your calendars to bring the whole family to this fun-filled day of activities. Much thanks to Andrea Mueller for her leadership in organizing the many events and volunteers for the Frost Festival. Let’s all hope that Mother Nature doesn’t put us in the deep freeze this year!
Once again please join us on Wednesday Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. in the Dysart et al council chambers for the Haliburton Village BIA annual general meeting.
Your support is appreciated and valued by the volunteer board of management. See you there.