Unite for the fight against tyranny

To the Editor,

My uncle, Michael Kurkowsky, was born and raised in Saskatchewan. Canadian by birth, Ukraine by heritage, he joined the Essex Scottish Regiment, to fight the Second World War. He was killed on the beaches of Normandy, on July 21, 1944, and is buried in a Canadian War Cemetery in Coen-Brettville-sur-Laize, France. The Saskatchewan government named a lake after him, to honour his service and his sacrifice for his country … as they did for all the fallen from Saskatchewan. He was one of the oldest in that cemetery … aged 26.

Daily, hourly, minute by minute, for the last eight days, we are reminded what the loss of rights and freedoms truly looks like. The courage and determination of the leadership and citizens of Ukraine, is inspiring and heart-breaking in equal measure.
The world was galvanized into co-operative action, because of COVID. It must continue to co-operate and offer all support possible, to stop another delusional tyrant.
Peace is the only viable option for everyone . . . if the planet and its inhabitants have any hope of surviving.

Cheryl Cohoon