Tree is a community effort 

To the Editor

We have been fortunate in Haliburton Village to have had Christmas trees for the town donated for the last several years. Over the years these kind folks have donated trees: Jerry Lis Pat and Tom Marshall (several years) Leslie and David Chumbley Pete Curry (several years) and this year Holly and John McDonald (Lakeview Motel).

Everyone is grateful for these generous donations. Randy Bull of Randy’s Landscaping donates his time and his truck to pick up the tree and hold it while it’s fixed in place. (Lyle Stamp did this for many years.)

We are also grateful to Mike Iles and members of the fire department for erecting the tree and hanging the decorative lights.

Anthony and Juliane Vanlieshout generously allow the use of their property and hydro during the entire season.

Without all these people donating and helping it would not be possible. Thank you all.

Jim Frost


P.S. Remember to come to the carol sing and tree lighting with Gord Kidd & Friends on Nov. 22 the night of the parade.