The finishing touches that make a home

As an active member of the Canadian Decorator’s Association (CDECA) and vice chair of its national board of representatives I recently had the privilege of leading one of the association’s design award competition panels.  Throughout the day-long judging process my colleagues and I reviewed many creative residential projects that were thoughtful engaging and inspiring.

As we reviewed each project in detail it became clear that the winning submissions included the quintessential finishing touches that would capture our attention and leave a lasting impression.  These finishing touches such as an elegantly designed chair beautiful piece of artwork or floral arrangement are the decorator’s creative hallmark that pulls your home together to make it welcoming and visually pleasing.

Often when I talk with new clients about their project they tend to focus on the their functional needs within the space rather than the “look” or “feel” of how they would like the space to be finished. Depending on the scope of the project this may include carefully considered window wall and floor treatments furniture lighting and accessories that will change the space from middle of the road humdrum to eye-catching WOW.

Whether you’re about to embark upon your own decorating journey or need the services of a professional interior decorator to realize your dreams make sure to include these important finishing touches within your budget so that you absolutely love the end result. As a professional interior decorator and aging in place specialist I enjoy helping my clients to visualize their project from concept to completion and I share one of my recent decorating finds to get you inspired.

So where do you go to get these finishing pieces if you don’t have a designer working for you?

Thankfully you don’t have to go far to source beautiful products for your home.  To prove the point I enlisted the help of Cathy Mack a local décor expert at Sassy Digs in Minden. Together we perused the fabulous store and put a few pieces together to showcase how the finishing touches can really make the space.

In this Highland-inspired vignette we chose a reclaimed barn board backdrop as our decorating cue. The look was further developed by adding a nested display of cog mirrors to give the space depth and sparkle in those long summer days. Then we added a cotton rug rustic wood sidetable and luxurious leather chair – not just beautiful to look at but very comfortable.  To complete the look we added a tartan throw red pillow desk lamp lantern book napkin and goblet.  The end result is an inviting space that is inspiring attractive and affordable.

Decorating resource guide:

Acrylic goblet $9

Black tea lite lantern $6

Custom chair in navy leather $1565

Chalet deer red pillow $39

Cog mirrors in small medium & large starting at $143

100% cotton rug (60” x 80”) $66

HBC tartan throw 100% wool $250

Newfoundland tartan 100% cotton napkins set of 4 $24

Rex desk lamp $429

Wood wheel side table $320

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