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To the Editor

There seems to be a lot in the news these days about what people don’t want…usually in their backyard. A while ago it was quarries. Spock would find this illogical after all if no one wants one in their backyard how can these people expect to acquire concrete for their projects and pavement for the road.
Then there was cell towers no one wanted but needed to use their phones.
Now no one including local governments want solar farms dams or wind turbines not to mention gas plants. The CKL is blowing $150000.00 worth of taxpayers dollars to fight wind turbines! The argument these things shouldn’t be built because of the outrageous deal the government struck to pay more for the hydro generated than it was worth isn’t valid. Frankly after E Health Orenge the ridiculous deals to encourage green energy and the gas plant boondogle electors put the Liberals back in power! The other day we heard they sold a public asset for $6 million after spending $6.5 million to study if they should sell it? Wait till they sell Hydro One and see where your hydro bill goes then. After many decades of mismanagement by all political parties in Ontario hydro no longer even vaguely represents the original vision of Sir Adam Beck.
People also like to carp about us having too much power but fail to mention the down-side of not having enough. Expecting to avail yourself of a resource the creation of which no one seems to want in their backyard is illogical to say the least and all this bickering just gets added onto our hydro bills in the end. That being the case maybe it is time we re-phrased the question not to whether you want it in your backyard but do you want hydro period.

Keith Stata