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Thanks to Solid State

To the Editor

Kait and Adam Perecko have opened a new business repairing computers and helping folks use the ones they have. Their assets include kindly treatment of their clients abundance of knowledge and the ability to have Apple communicate with Windows. I have learned that this is no small feat.

They knew when to tell me to ignore them as they were doing things that were completely over my head. Then when they were ready for me to pay attention they were encouraging full of good ideas and very patient. I am not computer savvy but they were both able to make me understand and were willing to write things down or wait until I did. This made it worth the time because I will be able to refer to the information the next time I need it and not have to remember everything I was told.

I went to see them at Brenda’s suggestion and they did multiple things to both my  iPad and my Windows laptop. I came away satisfied and full of confidence that I could carry on. They even offered tea or coffee and told me to phone if I had further questions. If my experience with Solid State is a good example Kait and Adam should do very well in a community where many seniors struggle to understand the electronic world. They went slowly for me without making me feel like an old fool. Kait even told me of her mother-in-law who is 80 and handling her iPad like a pro. She made me feel normal and competent.

Last writers’ circle Brenda talked about our generation having trouble keeping up with this electronic world full of eight-year-olds who seem to be more able and intelligent than their grandparents. Much of it is beyond me and I feel that it’s wise to limit myself to a few simple abilities such as email writing documents and playing on Facebook. The latter was not something I was really willing to get into but I have found it is the only way to keep up with my children and grandchildren and I learn a lot about the world far more than I was expecting.

I foresee Solid State as a young business which will do well helping those much older than they are and of course be a big help to businesses and young computer users.

Margot Roberts