Take off the oil blinkers

Hello Leaders

I just wanted to point out one thing. The “energy sector” is not the same thing as the “oil sector” no matter how many times it is framed that way. Please don’t respond to questions about the “energy sector” as framed. It’s just false. Ms. May is the only leader who seems to get that.

The 21st century energy sector is bigger and more diverse than that. Clean energy offers huge opportunities for a new revitalized economy. Other countries are cashing in on those opportunities. Not Canada! It seems we’d rather wallow around in austerity than take advantage of the economic gift of the century.

Take off the oil blinkers and quit obfuscating about what the situation really is.
Ignoring the truth will not make climate change go away. Ignoring the truth will only make us less competitive in the growing world economy of green energy. Worst of all it will allow the continued degradation of our environment and that’s a threat to all living beings on the plane

Wake up!

Andrea Percy
Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock