Marlene Sanders Tanisha Coates and Jen Coates stand with their candles at the Take Back the Night march and vigil in Haliburton on Sept. 22 2016. The event was organized by Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre and raised awareness of sexual and relationship violence. JENN WATT Staff

Take a broader look

To the Editor

Re Condo plan meets resistance:

We are not about to enter into any debate about the pros and cons of the Wallings Way proposal since we no longer live in Haliburton – but that’s part of the problem. For many years we contributed a huge amount to Haliburton County through our work as teachers by shopping locally and involvement in numerous organizations. We contributed many hours of volunteer time to make our community better through SIRCH and hospice involvement participation in the local food movement including helping the farmers’ market get started representing the county on regional boards and supporting many other efforts. However when our house and gardens became too much to manage we found there was nothing appropriate in Haliburton County so we relocated to Peterborough. It now benefits through our continued commitment to community.

By ourselves we certainly aren’t a huge loss but how many people have left over the past several years because there wasn’t appropriate housing? It’s surprising how often we meet people who say “We also moved here from Haliburton.”
So those who see developments as interfering with their lives should perhaps take a broader look at their community and recognize how additional living options contribute to a richness beyond their immediate neighbourhood.

We miss Haliburton (which is why we still get the Echo) but Peterborough too has a hospice program Syrian refugees we can support opportunities for volunteer tutoring etc.

Sharon Harrison and Bob Smith