Supporting a vision

To the Editor

Did you happen to witness the creative genius of David Fougere and his daughter Nicole back in 2003? I did. Their show at the Northern Lights Pavilion in Haliburton was a mix of songs stories and dance.
Did you get one of the CDs of that performance? I did. Every time I listen to it it sends shivers up and down my spine. Did you get an email invitation to witness once again the magic of Dave and Nicole at the home of Lynn Deringer and Doug Smith on Oct. 2 2015 for Dave’s heartfelt project The Guatemala Cataract Project? I did and I gathered there with about 15 others donating $20 each for the project.
Once again I was blown away by Dave and Nicole’s performance. I was touched by their tale of community and how community could give Dave purpose. It seems that down in Guatemala Dave met a humanitarian a man by the name of Gary Sibley who donated an $18000 microscope to the eye clinic in Guatemala City. The owner of the clinic told him that if there were people who were legally blind in one eye from cataracts they would be treated free. David was given free cataract surgery in both eyes courtesy of Gary Sibley and the Visualiza Clinic.
Dave would like to make a video about the humanitarian work of the Visualiza opthamology clinic in Guatemala City. He needs funds to purchase a Sony MVI video camera and to help the poorer eye patients with their medicine and travel expenses.
Would you like more information? Would you like to contribute?
To contribute or for more information contact

Barbara Rosen