Support for paddling festival

To the Editor

I was interested in the article entitled “Reel Paddling Film Festival aims to fix the Gull” (by Jerelyn Craden) in the April 23 issue of County Life. It was exciting to read that this film festival is coming to the Highlands of Haliburton (evening of Friday June 9 Northern Lights Pavilion). How fortunate we all are to be able to see these films. But most importantly the festival is part of a fundraiser to “Fix-the-Gull” for paddling (from damages due to flooding etc.).
The whitewater is a treasure not because of paddling. It is a treasure regardless of paddling. Although I am not a paddler I think it is imperative that everyone who values Minden Wild Water (historically known locally as Horseshoe Rapids) supports each other to maintain this treasure for future generations.

I would like to thank Algonquin Outfitters and especially regional manager Chris Varga for bringing the festival here as a fundraiser. As a local resident I encourage others to support this cause whether they paddle or not. Likewise in turn I expect all paddlers to value that the whitewater is also precious to others for many reasons other than just paddling. Therefore it is my expectation that we all will want “fixes” to be/look as natural as possible.

For those who can’t attend the festival I am sure the fundraisers would appreciate any support that you might be able to provide. I am one of the folks who worked hard in 2015 to Save Minden Wild Water (from becoming the site of a generation plant). I now encourage others to be part of these efforts to Fix the Gull while at the same time continuing to reinforce that Minden Wild Water Preserve is important to many non-paddling citizens.

Bernie Davis