Spring is in the air

By Cindy Campbell

Published March 6 2018

I’m back! The last time I was able to be with you was during the 2017 holiday season. Now we are just days away from spring 2018.  During January I was fortunate to travel to Florida. It was a great month filled with new friendships re-acquainting with friends and learning new things like tennis. That being said it was wonderful and exciting to return to Haliburton. I missed my friends and curling and just enjoying the warm hospitality of being home in Haliburton. There is nothing like a trip to the post office that should take 10 minutes but turns into an hour because you ran into three people you knew and stopped to chat.

So February flew by too! I know it’s a short month but it seems like just yesterday it was Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because the weather has been a little better than we expect for this time of the year so it seems like we are already well into March.
That brings us to the first full week of March and spring break is just around the corner. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are being planned and then it will be the first official day of spring. We will end March this year with an early Easter celebration. Just listing all the fun March family-filled times to come makes me smile and I hope when you read them you smile too.
What I haven’t mentioned yet is that on March 11 we change the clocks so that we can enjoy another hour of daylight in the evening. Over the past few years I have looked forward to this day as a chance to reset any New Year’s resolutions that may not have been realized. I find it easier to eat healthier when I can barbecue and with more daylight and warmth it just seems easier. Not to mention evening walks before the bugs get too bad. Please think about using this extra hour of sunshine and warmth to kick start any new health goals you might be thinking about. Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings!

Downtown Haliburton will be celebrating spring with a window decorating contest themed “Think Spring.” Please visit us and enjoy the colourful windows that will be judged on March 29. Our non-retail members have really enjoyed these window decorating contests and we look forward to seeing more real estate businesses and financial service businesses and restaurants participating and brightening up our village.
Please be gently reminded that spending your money locally is appreciated and allows our local businesses to support our local charities school groups and sports teams. Business owners and their employees are also able to support their families when we support them. We all want Haliburton to continue to be vibrant and successful.

Last thank you to the many snowmobilers that visited downtown Haliburton this past winter. Your patronage is sincerely appreciated and we look forward to doing more for you next winter. You are an integral part of our winter economy and we know it!
Happy spring to all and Go Storm Go!