Snowmobilers help save cat’s life

Published Feb. 28 2017

To the Editor

This is an open thank you letter to three snowmobilers who helped save a little cat’s life.
I was standing in a snow-covered stream that ran along the side of Haliburton Lake Road. I had a pocket light and was peering into a cave that the stream had carved out of the bank on the far side of the road. Our cat Mikey was hiding somewhere in there deep inside where I could not see him. I was alone it was very dark.

Mikey hates the car. He gets car sick and more. We had driven from Toronto and were almost at the cottage when Mikey became very sick. Glenn stopped the car and I got out to carry Mikey out of his cage and into the front seat with me. He escaped. He ran over the snowbank jumped the stream and into the cave. There he was staying.
Finally Glenn went on to the cottage to get pillows blankets candles and dry clothes. We were going to camp there until Mikey came out no matter how long it took. I could not even think about what could happen to a little indoor city cat in the woods.
That is how I ended up alone in the dark with a pin-light flashing into a cave on the far side of a stream waist deep in water and snow.
Then three snowmobilers stopped to help. They were determined and stayed with it until they solved the problem. They managed to open up the back of the cave where Mikey was hiding. He came out like a bullet and ran back into the woods. Just then Glenn arrived. We all began to look back into the woods. But it was decided that Mikey was too afraid with them there. He hates people. Even us sometimes. So they reluctantly left. A few minutes later Mikey showed up walking tentatively towards the car. I opened the front door whirled his stuffed Monkey around a bit so he could see it and threw it into the front seat. Mikey dove in after it.

Had these three fellas not stopped and chased him out of his safe impregnable cave we would still be there camped on the road side waiting. We want to thank you whoever you are for saving his little life.

Charlotte Bell and Glenn Miller