Slow down in hospital zone

Published Sept. 17 2019

To the Editor

At some time around 7 p.m. on Tuesday Sept. 10 a driver on Gelert Road (County Road 1) struck a deer and left the scene. That poor animal landed alive on my driveway with a broken back. It was still light outside.
A knock on my front door by an observant passing motorist alerted me to the tragedy unfolding in front of my garage. I wouldn’t wish that scene . . . the doe flailing from side to side an anguished look in her eyes trying to right herself on her two front legs or the events of the ensuing hour on anyone. The phone calls the officer who attended to end the animal’s suffering the people who assisted to wrap the body and take it away the shock and sorrow I continue to feel over this senseless loss of life. What happened to the driver and the vehicle?

Despite ongoing attempts to alert and remind motorists of the rules: deer signs speed limits pixel boards monitoring speeds at the top of the hill just past the hospital drivers continue to aggressively and dangerously speed – driving both to and out of town – every day in every kind of weather. This is a hospital zone a school zone a residential zone a popular and well-travelled cycling route a shared space with creatures in what was once just forest. It is not a speedway.
Please for the sake and safety of all slow down. The victim could have been you and your car your child your friend your partner your parent on any street in Haliburton.

Cheryl Cohoon