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Scratching our heads

To the Editor

We look to our municipal government and elected officials to make and enact decisions that are in the best interest of our community.

For some time now throngs of folks have been attempting to access businesses and health services on Highland Street by crossing at the main entrance of the municipal lot by the docks.

We’ve witnessed fender-benders near-collisions with pedestrians and even people attempting to direct traffic in an effort to secure safe passage across the busy road. For families with children the elderly or for folks with mobility issues – for whom this spot is the only viable “exit” from the lot – this is downright dangerous.

We’ve informed the town of this as have many of our customers; the BIA had promised to take up the cause; some politicians even made election promises… and yet it would seem a costly “traffic study” that failed to observe pedestrian traffic at this trouble-spot nor consult businesses and residents in the area has suggested that the best place for a crosswalk would be the corner of Highland and York.

While there may be issues at that intersection a larger number of pedestrians cross and will continue to cross the road at the main lot entrance in front of the docks.

We’re left scratching our heads that our municipality has decided that this is the best place to put a crossing!  Given that the town has been informed several times of the situation it would stand to reason it will be the town that will be held liable when someone is seriously injured at this spot.

Why wouldn’t the municipality reduce their liability by ensuring the safe passage of pedestrians here?  In our opinion the municipality has gotten this one wrong:  Study or no study the crossing is in the wrong place.

Colby Marcellus
Craig Gordon
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