Safety of many on the line

To the Editor

I agree with Elaine Bell whose letter was published in last week’s Echo. I’m disappointed to learn what is happening and what will now not happen at the Forest. It’s amazing that Mr Schleifenbaum thought that doing good deeds for the community would make him exempt from bylaws. Isn’t that either magical thinking giving with strings attached or hidden agenda perhaps even bribery? Good for Dysart for sticking to the bylaws. I’m sure they’re regretful to have to enforce them but it must be done.

The safety of many is on the line. Mr. Schleifenbaum should be thankful he is being spared possible tragedy and bloodshed on his land if an accident did happen due to buildings not meeting building code.

Let’s hope the Forest as we know and love it won’t disappear completely from our midst. Their woodshop makes wonderful custom order furniture. I love my work table with the live edge!

Leslie Socha