With friend Dale Walker left Dysart et al mayoral candidate Andrea Roberts reacts to the news of her election victory while at her home in Haliburton on Monday Oct. 22. Roberts won 57.82 per cent of the 5958 votes cast incumbent Murray Fearrey received 42.18 per cent of the vote. /DARREN LUM Staff

Road rider grateful

Published Jan. 9 2018

To the Editor

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter (which was published) expressing my concerns regarding the safety of Highway 118 east out of Haliburton. I was anxious and disturbed as I drove back to Harcourt in the dark in a blizzard on a highway with no lines. It was next to impossible to know where the lanes were and where the shoulder was. I suggested that painting the lines took priority over waiting until the final coat of asphalt was applied. I also copied Laurie Scott our MPP.
I am pleased and very thankful that on a trip to Haliburton this morning there were both yellow centre lines on the highway as well as white shoulder lines. My gratitude is extended to the powers that be who had the lines painted. I am secure in the knowledge that the well-being of drivers in Haliburton County was taken into consideration.
Our safety depends on it.

George Denny
Benoir Lake