Remembering Hilda

To the Editor

Just a few weeks ago Hilda sat me down to catch up as tea at the Outpost Museum was ending. Then a call came yesterday to say she had passed. What a shock. The fragility of life hit home while I recalled her vibrant energy and eye twinkle that day — giving me no clue I should embrace our regular amusing chat as our last.

There will be many people who remember their recent time with Hilda much like mine just another talk to enjoy until news spread Wednesday that she’d left us.

To the community she was a tireless volunteer for such things as the Outpost Museum Heritage Guild Curling Club Loop Troupe St. Margaret’s Church Penny Raffles various community fairs seasonal parades and meals or craft sales at the Lloyd Watson. She recently spoke at community meetings for the newly developing Herlihey Park insisting that it incorporate the rich history of the land it’s built upon to reflect the lumber industry that at one time sustained Wilberforce and surrounding areas. Only a year ago her work was awarded the Highlands East distinction Senior of the Year.

I’m going to miss her voice insights humour vast history weekly Echo columns and wise ideas to improve Wilberforce. I will continue to see her in my mind at every turn in the village and on strolls in the new park that I only wish she too could experience.

Hilda’s departure to the beyond leaves a hole in Wilberforce bigger than words convey. You are a mensch Hilda. You will be missed and remembered by all.

Janis Cole