Reliable Internet a priority

March 31 2015

Thank you for the article last week about the significant gaps inthe Internet broadband service.  Your story was from north of thevillage of Haliburton. South on the Old Donald Road we are strugglingwith the same issues of cost and reliability. These basic problemscompound when attempting to volunteer as well as create educationalissues for our youth.
Many politicians have been on the public recordabout maintaining our young people in the rural community. The Internetis a new tool so we are told that makes this possible. The primary tool for communication to volunteer with organizations or with governmentnow is the Internet.
Our school age young people live on the school busroutes. Last fall our school representatives were asked about thecoverage of the DSL service matching the school bus routes. This wouldbe a strong indication of where permanent residents live. Why is thatmap not available and used as a guide for investment in our future ofwhere communication technology is needed? Affordable Internet is out ofreach for community pockets rated at the bottom of the economic scale.Where and what is the real priority to invest in our future?

Godfrey Tyler