Province should invest in environment education

To MPP Laurie Scott

In your survey you ask: “Are there any examples of provincial government red tape or unfair regulations that are making life more difficult for you and your family? Please try to be as specific and detailed as possible.”
It offers the illusion that the government cares to know what we think. This of course would make me feel good if I thought it was actually true. Maybe you hope I forget about the bigger picture. Very clever I thought but it is not clever it is a trick. Red tape and other slogans like gravy train can be interpreted by everyone in their own way and we can have the illusion that this will be addressed just to fit our personal beef in this case with laws; rules; regulations.
Changing programs that were in place usually costs more money than would be gained. A sad example is the guaranteed income project in Lindsay. The possibility that guaranteed income will save money in the long run is very possible and not new in other countries. So a research project is a great way to find out if this is also the case in Ontario. To stop the program midway means the money put into the project is lost and the result unknown. No savings there. This is just one example.
What my family finds important is the environment education health care mental and emotional health. Investments in these things do not always have an immediate result but will save money in the long term and create a better Ontario. Something our children and grandchildren will appreciate. But these areas are exactly where the cuts are despite the picture you are trying to paint.
On the other hand cheap beer cheaper gas tailgate parties wine at 9 a.m. in a restaurant and a new licence plate to please Doug Ford’s ego is not necessary and is no improvement on the contrary I would like to say.
For the short term for our own mental health my husband and I have decided to stop watching the news.
For the long term we hope Doug Ford and the “Progressive” Conservative party will magically disappear.
I hope this is specific and detailed enough.

Johanna Bruch-Hilkers