Powerboat race an eco-hazard

February 3 2015

Re: Head Lake to host powerboat race event

Council and The Echo have ignored the fact that this event will have a negative impact on the ecology of Head Lake. For example we knowthat such motorized craft churn up sediment to the extent that the gills of aquatic insects (fish food) become clogged and die especially nearthe shoreline. Such a race will also generate massive amounts ofgreenhouse gases and contribute to global warming. Of course having this event will not kill the planet nor would rejecting the event save theplanet. It would only be symbolic to reject hosting the race inHaliburton. But symbols matter. I would never drive a Hummer truck to aHighlands Land Trust birding walk at the Dahl Forest just as I wouldnot wear a real fur coat to a vegetarian restaurant. The health of ourcommunity depends on community leadership promoting symbols that healnot degrade our locale. Reeve Murray Fearrey is “ready to rumble.” Is he ready to race a kayak?

Oliver Zielke