Politics seeping onto public sites

March 3 2015

Pierre Poutine is up to his tricks again.
I checked the Haliburtonweather on Environment Canada Tuesday night and found among other linksthis one.  “Anti-Terrorism Act 2015 How We Are Protecting Canadians” The link directed me to a list of Conservative Party talking points but the bill is not yet law.  To assume that the final form will includeall those points is to disrespect the parliamentary process.
I have come to accept other links such as; “Your Taxes Online four reasons to file your taxes online” or “Help Your Business Grow”  which refer to already established programs and services. The Terror link presumed too much.
I followed another link to comment on this in 250 characters.  I  emailed Tim Harper a Toronto Star commentator who had just written on Tuesday about Bill C-51.  He confirmed the link and expressed interest but bythe late afternoon of the same day it was gone.  It was replaced by“It’s tax time Get tax savings working for you.”
The Conservativesslipped some of their propaganda into a public service website theweather forecast no less.

Jim Milne