Paying kindness forward

April 7 2015

Hello my name is Jack Gmuzdek I am 9 and I’m in Grade 4 Frenchimmersion. Today I am going to tell you about the SIRCH Cook it Upprogram at Baked and Battered. I appreciate it a lot. So this is thestory of how I came to like Peruvian food. It all started one morningbefore school my mom was on the computer. On Facebook we saw somethingand that something was food! I love food so I went to school and at10:35 a.m. my mom picked me up from school to go to Cook it Up. We hadPeruvian food. The waitresses were very nice and Janine Papadopouloswho works there came up to us and said this is about gratitude. I sawmany people that I knew and we were talking and laughing. This programinspired me to show more gratitude. I got a menu and on the right sideof the menu there were these questions;
Have you ever had someone dosomething for you out of kindness?
How did you or will you pay itforward?
How has dining at the Cook It Up restaurant changed your imageof our community?
What are you grateful for today?
What does beinggrateful mean to you?
These are my answers to the questions.
Yes JaninePapadopoulos was being very kind to me and my mom.
I will tell all of my classmates about it.
Helping each other more like a team.
The peoplewho made the food.
Being happy that somebody did something nice toyou.
What are your answers?
Special thanks to SIRCH and cook it up forcreating this program. Each Monday you can go to Baked and Battered tohave a magnificent meal. It is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. There’s alsoan appetizer lovely drinks and desserts. I highly recommend going tothis program! Every week they have different foods such as IndianMexican and Peruvian. It is amazing the food is free and at the end youget a gift and you’re giving a gift by your presence!

Jack Gmuzdek