Nothing is something

By Darren Lum

There’s lots of time.
Twenty-fours to be exact for each day. One hundred sixty-eight hours in a week. Six hundred seventy two hours in a month. Eight thousand sixty-four hours in a year. That’s a lot of hours.
Granted, some of that time is spent sleeping. With an average of six hours per night, that works out to a loss of about 25 per cent. So, working out the numbers that works out to 18 hours each day, 126 hours each week, 504 hours each month and 6,048 hours each year.

Still, a lot of hours.
Now, if you spend about eight hours working each day that works out to be close to 33 per cent less hours per day, which works out to be 10 hours available each day, 70 hours a week, 280 hours a month and then 3,360 hours a year.

Still, a lot of hours.
Now, I recognize parents/guardians of children will have more variables, which alters this understanding.
However, I present the idea that even with responsibilities such as children, work and loved ones we provide care giving to. There is time to be had.
I admit to using some of my time each day scrolling through social media platforms. I also admit to watching streaming services for television series and movies I can’t remember watching. I also admit to doing absolutely nothing at times. Nothing is good when the other time is doing something, whether it’s for work, for fun, for life. The idea of being productive can be a problem.
I’ve done my best to recognize there is time, but not always will, which is correlated to energy and capacity.

Sometimes there’s only so much energy to give. It really comes down to whether the capacity is there or not to do “x” or “y” and that’s OK.
To me there is a relationship between capacity to act and the energy we have.
From one of my social media surfing expeditions, I heard this recently on Instagram:
“Your energy is precious and the older you get the more you will realize how important that statement is. So don’t waste it trying to fix or change the image others have of you. Your energy is too powerful to be wasted on trying to convince, or impress others. Instead, channel it towards your gains, your growth and your goals, so that you can become exactly what you want to be. Everyday is an opportunity to be a better you. Don’t waste it.”

I would say this message speaks to the energy we all have on a given day, week, month and each year.
We all have the energy to act and do things, but sometimes that varies and it’s just better to do nothing at all. And that can be the best thing to do in a world where doing is still held in high regard. Time goes on and whatever you choose to do with it the math will all work out in the end. Let’s hope the dividend you realize is in your favour.