Not so proud to be Canadian

April 14 2015

I have always been so proud to be a Canadian. We have been perceived as nice funny and generous people by the world as a whole. Our armedforces which were modest for most of my life were sent around theworld in a peacekeeping capacity.
I think most people considered usneutral like the Swiss.
Now however with this latest announcement that we will be dropping bombs on innocent women and children in Syria andthe pronouncement of the cost $2.5 million I am not so proud.
Gone isthe day when we could count on our politicians to do the right thingjust because it was the right thing to do for the people. I know I would be proud to be a Canadian if I knew my tax money was being spent onhealth care or eduction instead of being funnelled from us to the huge military-industrial complex.
And to know that when our young men comeback injured from fighting “terror” they were going to be cared for by the same health-care system that is being ravaged by short-sightedreductions in funding with this money actually going to endless war.

Denise Leblanc