Newspapers inform community

Published Oct. 30 2018

To the Editor

Re: Election Coverage

The Aging Well Haliburton County committee commends you for the extensive coverage of our recent local election. All-candidates meetings are valuable but for a variety of reasons many people cannot attend meetings. In particular many older adults find evening meetings impossible to attend for medical accessibility hearing and transportation reasons. Print media is essential in providing an additional option for voters to gain timely relevant information on which to base their vote.
We also note that many smaller communities now have lost their one newspaper with its reporters and vigilant community-oriented editors. Haliburton County is unusually fortunate to be able to enjoy three papers of high quality which are staffed by responsible committed reporters and editors.
An informed citizenry is essential for a democracy and a community newspaper is an important source for locally relevant news. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep Haliburton County residents informed and engaged.

Margery Cartwright Secretary
Aging Well Haliburton County