Grant Roughley VP of North Frontenac Telephone Company was in Haliburton on Thursday Nov. 3 checking out the new switching station. The space was erected near the Dysart et al municipal office. JENN WATT Staff

New year … new beginnings

By Cindy Campbell

Published Jan. 9 2018

Please let me begin by thanking you the great people of Haliburton for one of the best holiday seasons in the history of downtown Haliburton. Hundreds of people lined Highland Street for the largest Santa Claus Parade which is the official kick off of the holiday season. The parade was amazing and delightful from beginning to end. Thank you Jim Frost and the Lions Club “elves” for your organizational talents – we appreciate you!

Then we saw many shoppers out for the Women’s Shopping Night and Men’s Shopping Night. The discounts giveaways and holiday treats made these fun events for the participating businesses and their customers. Thanks to Joan Hawley and her merry group of carollers for entertaining our shoppers on the Women’s Shopping Night.

To cap off the great holiday season the Buy In And (BIA) Win travel contest winner was drawn on Dec. 22. Congratulations to Margaret Turney (see page 4) and enjoy your trip to Mexico. There were thousands of contest entries from people who shopped locally and supported your downtown Haliburton. Thank you to everyone for making a difference in your community!
Now it’s time to look to the future and the hope and possibility that comes with a new year. Many people make New Year’s resolutions and some people succeed in keeping their New Year’s resolutions. Over the years I have stopped setting myself up for the personal disappointment of not having the willpower to carry out with resolutions. Maybe that self awareness comes with maturity or the wisdom of age.

What does the new year mean for you? Is it a time for change? Is it a time for reflection? Is it a time for celebration? How about making it a time for all of these? What could you do each day to make your own life happier? What could you do to make your community a better place for everyone? What could you do to show your gratitude to others for the part they play in your life?
The point is you make a difference. You can use the new year as the perfect excuse to try something different to change your behaviour to help others or do anything that makes you happier. Choose to be grateful for what you have in your life and to share what great talents you have with others.
So this new year I look back with gratitude. Thank you to the downtown Haliburton board of management volunteers for sharing your enthusiasm and passion for serving your community with me. Thank you to the downtown Haliburton member businesses for your positivity and encouragement. Thank you to the chamber of commerce and municipality for your never-ending support of downtown Haliburton – it is a pleasure to partner with you to make this a better community!

Most importantly I thank all of you for taking the time to read this column and for being involved in your community. Without you and your participation in events and support of our businesses we could not continue to support our vibrant village. You make a difference!