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By Lynda Shadbolt

Published Feb. 13 2018

It’s on these beautiful Canadian winter days when I’m outside snowshoeing or skiing or walking to town or skating or watching dogsledding that I have these moments where I think and feel like the universe really loves me.
The snow on the trees the blue sky the sun the stars the snowflakes falling and the fresh air are just wrapped around me and I can’t help but feel happier.

Years ago a meditation teacher told me that we each have four hearts. Our physical heart pumps the blood through our bodies. Our emotional heart is where we experience and feel all of the human emotions from joy to love to anger to frustration and many more. Our spiritual heart is considered to be the subtle heart where we each hear or feel our own unique connection to ourselves and to the world. And the great heart is considered to be the heart that contains the entire universe and loves us all.
Yogis have meditated on these four hearts forever and I think it is a practice that softens and sensitizes a person to all the goodness that is around them.
This morning as I was out snowshoeing I found myself contemplating the great heart as I watched my dog run through the woods and be so curious about every stick and twig.
She is certainly surrounded by and full of the great heart. And then I listen to the birds sing and I walk by the river and through the woods and there is just so much beauty that words can hardly express it.
I think the great heart is something we feel.

I attended Those Other Movies on Thursday evening and got to listen to Bruce Vogt play the grand piano for the silent movies. It was exquisite. He was making the music up as the movie played and I think he is another example of the great heart in action.
I like to think of the great heart as love flowing through the air and surrounding all of us and moving in and out of all of us. The great heart supports each of us to do what we are meant to do with our precious lives.
Like many other Canadians I am pretty glued to the TV watching the Olympics. We have so many hard working talented athletes to celebrate. As I watched Mark McMorris fly through the air so effortlessly I couldn’t help but feel he had love all around him. Or when Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue skate and move so elegantly and in such a connected way that there must be love in the air around them.

Going through my days with attention to this great heart is a really lovely way of sensing the world around me because I’m not looking for love or support.
I am recognizing that it is around me and in every snowflake bird playful puppy and person.
The universe loves all of us. Happy Valentine’s Day.