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Lost lovebird found in Haliburton

To the Editor

On Wednesday July 20 staff at Echo Hills Apartments became the temporary caregivers to a tame Lovebird. The bird is obviously someone’s beloved pet but somehow must have escaped its home and has been on the lam ever since bold and hungry enough to grapple with robins over ripening berries.

Having no experience with tame birds we turned to the Haliburton Feed Store for help about what to feed this poor creature until its owner is found. Imagine our delight when the woman at the store offered a variety of seeds at no charge a gift provided by a lovely gracious woman.

If the owner is reading this letter or if you know of someone who recently lost a pretty green and salmon coloured lovebird please get in touch with us at Echo Hills Apartments 705-457-9119. The friendly bird is missing its home and we would like to arrange for its return as soon as possible.

Barbara Fawcett Manager
Haliburton Community
Housing Corporation