Locals leaving for Bracebridge pool

To the Editor

Re: “Putting a pool on the agenda” Haliburton Echo May 29
You have hit the nail on the head with regards to the Bracebridge sports facility.  I travel to Bracebridge twice a week for a one-kilometre swim at their community sports complex and I have met others from the Haliburton area who make use of the facility as well for fitness swimming children’s swimming lessons and gymnastics for kids of all ages.  It is attached to the high school so all age groups mix together daily.  It is truly a community hub and a regional one as well.  I swim and often lunch in Bracebridge as many from here do or purchase my fuel there as it has been cheaper.  Our local businesses are losing out because our folks are spending money in Bracebridge instead of here. Neighbours of mine sold their home here and moved to Gravenhurst because Dysart has no pool. We need local politicians to have a vision for the future and as Jenn Watt said it is not beyond our grasp. We can do this.

Stephen Woof