Outdoor ice rinks give residents and opportunity to get out and enjoy winter but in smaller municipalities there aren’t enough staff to keep them cleared which leads to liability concerns. Volunteers are needed. /FILE PHOTO

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The following are Letters to the Editor published in the Feb. 5 issue of the Haliburton Echo.

To the Editor

Re: “Skyline bonspiel reaches 60th year” Haliburton Echo Jan. 29

It was enjoyable to read the article about the history of the Skyline bonspiel. A continuous event for 60 years that involves participants from far and wide is a community accomplishment that is not often repeated.

I want to note however that the year I skipped the winning team there were additional players other than myself and Dave Gray. Dave and Bob MacNaull were the front end of the team and Murray Kuno who entered our rink threw vice stones.

As to the competitive nature of the event there were no stronger curling competitors than these three. I was there to mop up. We had a great time with good camaraderie and fun.

David M. Bishop


To the Editor

The heartfelt appreciation from the Gourleys (Letter Haliburton Echo Jan. 29) for selfless Haliburton road-side help is a lovely and common story in this area. Last summer a shredded tire caused me to pull to the side of Hwy 118 five minutes from home.

As I was standing by the car surveying the problem and was about to walk to the nearest house to use a phone to call CAA a pick-up pulled up beside me and the driver climbed out. He used his phone to call CAA drove me and my groceries home carried the bags into the house drove me back to my disabled car denied payment and waited with me for the CAA. At that point I didn’t need him to wait but I couldn’t discourage him from doing so. All this time he carried on his business from his vehicle and refused to leave until he saw me pull away with the repair safely accomplished. I was touched and very grateful.

If a public sign were to be erected to honour all the kind and generous folks in this area who put aside part of their day to help others the size of the sign required would block the sun. My rescuer told me that he’d been the recipient of help in the past when he needed it and was in turn simply paying it forward. His name is Ryan Griffin he owns a local business and along with so many others he is a roadside hero. Thank you.

Margery Cartwright

Haliburton Highlands