Without volunteer drivers we’d be lost

Published July 23 2019

To the Editor

Read with great interest the very great article on Marika Lembo DeFlorio and her many hours of volunteer driving. Congratulations kudos and a heartfelt thank you for your wonderful work.
However could we not spare a few words of praise to one or two others who drive long hours on a volunteer basis? One gentleman lives in Wilberforce and provides rides to Toronto Peterborough Oshawa Kingston etc. at least five days a week and I am sure there are many more doing the same thing.

I am not referring to occasional drivers but those who do it winter and summer on a regular basis. Let’s give credit where credit is due.
Also I wonder how much employees and management people get when driving on company business. I wager dollars to doughnuts it exceeds the 40 cents a kilometre paid to volunteers. As one who has availed this service a few times over the years let’s see a word or two in print thanking many of our other volunteers for their help. Without them we would be lost.

Chuck Viner