Letter to the editor: Will we survive with services intact?

To the Editor

Our provincial government has apparently decided to ignore legitimate questions for the legislative opposition and only talk about their agenda (a lot of which wasn’t discussed during the election process).

I have been out of school for quite a while but my recollection of the parliamentary system was that the opposition parties were allowed to ask questions and the governing party was supposed to provide some kind of response relating to the question asked.

Apparently the Ford government can change the parliamentary system since their majority lets them govern as they see fit. With the recent actions of our local MPP avoiding discussions with her constituents at the front entrance to McKecks and not even bothering to acknowledge an email concern I sent to her last fall her leader’s actions should not be a big surprise. She is following his example.

The “scariest” thing about our provincial government’s activities is how many of the things that have been working well will they ruin through their determination to reverse anything the previous government accomplished. (Trying to take over governing the City of Toronto the education system sex education work place injuries health care paramedic services …). Can we survive with any services intact until 2022 under the Ford “my way with no discussion” regime?

Bill Dodds