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Published June 19 2018

To the Editor

Re: public pool plus complex

Jenn; you are exactly correct the pool debate has been raging on for decades –  in fact since before I was employed by either Dysart et al Minden Hills or the County of Haliburton 1973-2004 and retired since 2004.

I sure do not disagree with having a public swimming pool and complex such as Bracebridge Huntsville and similar to what Bobcaygeon had or has. I keep hearing we are one of the poorest counties in the province of Ontario. (Are there things we need worse than a pool?)

I wish someone could give us not just the cost of complete construction but the annual cost for  building and pool maintenance custodians life guards supplies for pool and complex hydro and water sewage and what else?

I said it before and I will say it again if we the public could assist a place such as Pinestone Resort upgrade their pool facilities as a private facility for public use at a fee  it would save the taxpayers many public dollars.

I wonder if all those folks that didn’t come here because of no pool realize what percentage of our population are pensioned retirees and young families starting out with the property tax expenses.

There are hundreds of lakes that are accessible for all public. Also there is a great percentage of seasonal cottages we have that pay the bulk of our taxes to be on lakefront property and have fresh water to swim in when they are usually in the county. (What do they think?)

I am not disagreeing with having a pool; it is just the cost of maintaining and operating the facility after construction. (Please someone come up with and give the public a dollar cost for annual  maintenance and operation so we know what to expect.)

I write this after reading Jenn Watt’s great editorial in the Echo May 29 issue and Stephen Woof‘s letter in Echo June 12 issue. If a pool has to be it would make sense to me (which may not be much) to have the facility adjacent to a school where it could be a part of education exercises.

Thanks for your time.

Richard (Dick) Schell