Tag Day smiles light up the Highlands

To the Editor

A few days ago I had the privilege of taking part in the Haliburton Hospital Auxiliary “Tag Day.”  This annual event provides a wonderful boost in auxiliary funds which are then used to purchase much needed equipment for the Haliburton Hospital. Tag Day is also a perfect opportunity for us volunteers to connect with so many of the wonderful residents and visitors in our community.

I am always touched at the generosity and kindness of our many donors. It’s so gratifying when people smile as they give.  This year I met a lovely woman who made a donation and then expressed concern for me and that I stay hydrated in light of the high temperatures we have been experiencing.  She disappeared into the store and returned just a few minutes later with a bottle of cold water.  A small gesture perhaps but it came from a huge well of kindness and compassion. Thank you Heather.
There were many young families passing by and so often Mom or Dad would involve their young children in the actual giving encouraging their little ones to put their money in the collection box. Almost every child smiled when thanked and I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful life lesson in giving those parents had taught their child.

It’s always so nice to welcome back the many summer residents who love our community as much as we permanent residents do. Almost without exception the cottagers are a happy and enthusiastic lot so delighted at being back at the cottage. Many cottagers at one time or another have needed medical care at the hospital.
One donor shared that she had broken a bone just two weeks ago and couldn’t say enough about the wonderful care she received at the Haliburton Hospital. We hear countless stories along that line from them and it truly spurs us on in our volunteer activities. I send my heartfelt thanks to all.

Judy Skinner