Letter: Naming contest a success

To the Editor

Wow! Thank you to the residents of Haliburton and surrounding areas. A couple of weeks ago I proposed an idea to the Haliburton Echo newspaper. I had just finished a painting of your beloved 2616 Locomotive in celebration of the 100th year that CNR has been serving and thought it might be nice for the residents of Haliburton to name my new piece. I painted her against a wintery background a bit of realism mixed with a touch of fantasy. The deadline to submit your name suggestions has arrived.

Well I couldn’t have received a better response! The varied stories I received were really touching. As well 12 great name suggestions were offered with the much-appreciated assistance of Jenn Watt and the Haliburton Echo newspaper. Thank you so much to all the folks who participated here are the name suggestions I received. In the order received: Pixaleen – Going Nowhere Fast and The Haliburton Express; Dale Robinson – Confidence 1; Denise McCluskey – Steel Rail Queen; George Hammerschmidt – Old Smokie; Frank Robertson – Iron Horse; Shannon Robertson – Homeward Bound; Richard Schell – The Old Steam Gem; Perry and Diane Peacock – Dark Night; Caitlin Peacock – Knight Runner; and Monica Gallion – Shadow and Black Magic.

All the names offered had careful thought and meaning. My family chose three favourites each the most voted name was Confidence 1 sent in by Dale Robinson who will receive a framed print of “Confidence 1 – 2616”!

In my appreciation of all the folks who reached out to participate I would like to give each of you a print that I will arrange for you to pick up at the Rails End Gallery. I will be donating the proceeds of the original to the gallery. In my writeup included with the print I will list all the names that you imagined for my painting. I am just sorry I cannot include all your interesting stories.

I grew up in Haliburton and now as an adult enjoy visiting the familiar places from my childhood and sharing the experiences with my children. One of their favourites of course is visiting the 2616 Locomotive.

This Black Beauty was presented to your community in 1960 after retiring from an impeccable career as a tireless locomotive. In her approximate 30 years of service there is no record of her ever having a breakdown or losing time because of mechanical failure! An exceptional record for a steam locomotive over such a long period of time. She played an important role in the lives of so many and now continues to leave a lasting imprint in the hearts and minds of so many folks young and old.

With the help of the Haliburton County Echo this little project became a success. Thank you it has been a pleasure!

Cindy Eisenstadt