Letter: Men’s breakfast going strong 20 years on

To the Editor

“It was 20 years ago today…”
… Or so begins “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by The Beatles.
Well it was 20 years ago last Saturday that the Haliburton United Church Men’s Breakfast group began. We meet once a month at Haliburton United for bacon eggs and Christian fellowship.
This past Saturday we celebrated by breaking with tradition: we had pancakes (crêpes or flapjacks if you will) and as the organizer-in-chief these past two decades I can honestly say that I’m proud of this great bunch of guys.
They show up (almost) every month to watch Ross Burk Baastian Bouthorn and I cook and clean for them and they gobble up whatever “heart-healthy” food we serve.
Afterwards John Peel leads us in a beautifully prepared Bible study and chat.
It’s been a real blessing and privilege to have shared 20 years of worries sorrows joys and laughter with these Christian men not to mention the grub and I hope to keep doing so for 20 more God being our helper.

René Benoit