Liberals not conservative with money

To the Editor

Re: Letter to the editor “Vote to be heard in Ottawa” Tuesday Oct. 8

I would like to give a reminder that Ontario was once one of the richest provinces until the McGuinty and Wynne Liberals won and then years later after spending what they thought was “free” money has now made Ontario a “have-not” province.
Unfortunately cutbacks are a result of overspending whether it’s government or personal debt. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is heading in the same direction as what McGuinty and Wynne did to Ontario. It’s not free money. Remember the $10 million paid to Khadr was paid by the taxpayers’ money that’s you and me. Prime Minister Trudeau only wants to increase Old Age Security when you turn 75. What happened to the others between 65-75 he thinks they don’t need it well they do too!  When you go to vote keep in mind Liberals are not “conservative” with our money.

D. McCluskey