Homage to hairdressers

To the Editor

In these uncertain times with daily reports most dire and upsetting it is important to try and maintain a sense of balance. The accompanying “song” was my attempt to add a bit of levity to a condition which affects everyone. Sung to the tune of “Do your ears hang low?” – an old camp song. Lyrics by Cheryl Cohoon.

A Homage to Barbers and Hairdressers

Does your hair hang low

Is it flying to and fro?

Can you style it in a bun?

Can you tie it in a bow?

Can you toss it over your shoulder?

Does white hair make you look older?

Does your hair…hang…low?

Are your nose-hairs getting longer?

Are your eyebrows getting stronger?

Is it sprouting from your ears

And impacting how you hear?

Are the whiskers on your face

Being braided into lace?

Is your hair…too…long?

Has your styling gone askew

And you’re wondering what to do?

Dare you try your own “self-trim”?

Results are likely to be grim!

Are you longing to be “tinted”

Pampered gelled blown-dry and coiffed?

Has your style…gone… “off”?

When you look into the mirror

Are you startled with a fright?

Confronted with this image think

“My God! I look a sight!”

Take some comfort now in knowing

In this boat you’re not alone

And be grateful for this admonition


With thanks to all our front line workers who keep us healthy – body mind and spirit.

Cheryl Cohoon