For peat’s sake (and for the rest of us)

Published Jan. 28 2020
To the Editor

Paul Heaven’s talk on preserving wetlands (reported in The Echo Jan. 21) had a message for everyone who wants to help reduce the severity of spring flooding. Protecting provincially significant wetlands like the Kendrick Creek Wetland Complex in Minden Hills is certainly important. But protecting the smaller wetlands is important too. Every wetland large or small acts like a sponge reducing the rate at which water flows down the watershed. Every property owner who has low wet areas on their property should think twice before filling them in.
Every wetland also filters contaminated water. Everyone whose property is part of a larger marsh should consider whether that marsh is providing a public service by protecting a lake from contaminants. If it is think twice about filling it in and destroying that function.
Wetland protection is a global concern. Feb. 2 is World Wetlands Day. This year the theme is “wetlands and biodiversity”. For more information go to

Carolynn Coburn
West Guilford