Coordinate mailouts

Published May 19 2020

To the Editor

The following is a letter to MPP Laurie Scott.
On April 20 I sent you an email with a simple question. You did not choose to respond and I am not surprised. I will let you know that even at 76 years old I do not need to be told hundreds of times how to behave. We have been following the behavioural protocol for almost two months  and even tonight as we watch Global news I have been given the message at least six times in one hour period paid for by the Government of Ontario. I realize how serious this is but I am also a taxpayer who knows how much our community is hurting. You will need every tax dollar available and more to help out. Please don’t tell us later that you don’t have the resources to help.

I am especially frustrated with you on two fronts. First of all our community here in Haliburton has done an excellent job of conveying the behavioural messages. Our community partners businesses and media deliver the message effectively without direct tax dollars. I am also frustrated that your government has not done a better job of coordinating the use of tax dollars with the federal government. I have received flyers from you and the Government of Canada in my mailbox with the same information on the same day. Who are you targeting with this ongoing media assault? I can only surmise that Ontario citizens are not very intelligent or that this is simply political optics. I would suggest that you look at a different strategy to reach those who are not complying.

Gary Hunt